Machetanz Elementary School

This 53,000 sq. ft. school was built as the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified school in the state of Alaska and achieved a Silver certification.  In the case of Machetanz, the certification process was accomplished after the fact and as the Green Building Council was establishing the various ratings.  This effort took significant coordination between Collins Construction and McCool Carlson Green Architects.


The best of current learning research was used while anticipating future trends in technology and education.  The schools learning signature “A center for creating community” extends beyond the physical walls of the facility to establish the school as a community asset and affirm it as a catalyst for the creation of healthy, viable neighborhoods.



Alaska Community Award of Excellence in Public Works, Alaska Municipal League, Conference of Mayors, 2009

CEFPI Pinnacle Award, 2010

Honorable Mention, School Planning & Management and College Planning & Management,

Education Design Showcase, 2010

K‐12 Viewer’s Choice Award, School Planning & Management and College Planning & Management, 2010

Judges Choice: Energy Efficiency & Conservation, School Planning & Management Education Design Showcase, 2010