Denali Elementary School

 Collins Construction was privalleged to construct the 49,000 sq.ft. Denali Elementary School.


The Exterior massing and design reflects the diversity of adjacent colorful neighborhoods.  The school is organized into three components: 1) Entrance Lobby, 2) Education Wing, and 3) Public/Activity Wing.  The lobby separates the educational wing from the noisier activities associated with the music and physical education programs; allowing access to the lobby, commons, and/or the gymnasium during after school hours, while preventing unauthorized access to the educational wing.  The lobby serves as a beacon of light and warmth on dark, cold winter mornings, a prominent entry and security point for visitors, and a gathering place for students and community members.  Natural light fills the space year round through a south facing clerestory.


Daylight is available for 90% of the schools' operating hours, reducing operating costs and benefiting student and staff health with exposure to natural light.  Sustainable design principles were used with motion sensor lighting control, CO2 sensor ventilation control, noise pollution minimization through sound isolating walls, absorptive acoustic surfaces, and locating loud occupancies away from the classrooms.  A simple double loaded corridor was improved by forming classroom pods with adjacent support spaces that facilitates a variety of instructional strategies and student grouping methodologies, providing a learning environment that offers flexibility, a sense of community, and a safe, well-supervised environment.